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Free recovery-based courses designed and run by and for community for term 1 2022

The WA Recovery College Alliance (WARCA) is a state-wide education institution providing opportunities for the community to learn about recovery related to mental health, substance use or other life challenges. WARCA offers a range of free recovery focused short courses and workshops that highlight strengths, agency and self-directed growth and learning. Co-production is central to the Recovery College. WARCA recognise that wisdom gained through life experience and knowledge gained through profession or training are equally valid, and both have a part to play in the designing and delivery of courses. Courses create chances to build connection in the community and create pathways to further education and employment opportunities.  For more information see the Recovery College website here

There are courses being offered in Bunbury on a range of topics such as Mind over Meth (supporting family members or friends recovering from methamphetamine use); Vision Boarding & The Power of Music.

Links to events on the Recovery College website:

The Power of Music

Vision Boarding

Mind over Meth

Some words from WARCA students & educators:

“I can provide some of the life experience that I lived through to people who would like some help but also just to know that they are not alone.”

“It’s allowed me to follow my dream of adult education while enjoying the experience of teaching something I personally enjoy”