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How to use and read your RAT results

The RAT is a quick test to check for COVID-19 and provides a result within 15 to 30 minutes, and all kits have a QR code which links to a video that demonstrate how to take a test. There are two types of Rapid Antigen Tests:
  • Saliva test – user spits into a tube, or sucks on a swab
  • Nasal swab – user swabs each nostril.

When to complete a Rapid Antigen Test

RATs are recommended for use if:
  • attending a large gathering in a crowded place such as a wedding or funeral
  • visiting a person who is vulnerable to risks of COVID-19
  • visiting a high-risk setting, e.g. an aged care facility, hospital or disability group home
  • need to check quickly for COVID-19
  • recommended by the Department of Health.
While a RAT provides a quick result and is useful in a high case load environment, the WA Government is urging Western Australians to keep utilising the PCR testing clinics as the priority, while clinics are able to manage the number of PCR tests required. Not sure how to do a rapid antigen test? Check out this video that shows how to correctly perform a basic rapid antigen test.