Who we are

We are a professional, community based mental health service; we provide services and recovery support to people experiencing mental illness and those who care for them.

The services we offer meet the West Australian Mental Health Outcomes and the National Standards on Mental Health.  We have been positively evaluated by the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia.


Providing access to responsive, holistic services for consumers, carers, families and the community to reduce the impact of mental illness.


Let mental health be seen … as any door is the right door for access and client-centred care.


Hope: Belief in the potential of individuals affected by mental illness to live life to the full

Courage: Ensuring mental health be seen

Respect: Acknowledging other opinions as having value

Humility: Willing to appreciate others

Responsibility: Everyone is responsible to commit to action towards our Purpose


We encourage and welcome volunteers and students (via placements) to work beside our employees in support of our consumers and carers.

We also encourage donations, from individuals and organisations alike, to assist us in providing the best possible service to our consumers and carers.