Partnering and Getting Involved


Membership is free and we encourage people with an interest in mental health to join us. To join simply fill in the application form and return it to Pathways SouthWest Inc. As per our constitution your application will need to be endorsed by two existing members.  Membership is valid for five years from the date of commencement.


Consumers and carers have input into their care plans and the services they receive. They can take on advisory roles within the service including Board of Management positions. Consumers and Carers can receive training to take on group facilitation roles with their peers.


Pathways SouthWest partners with many individuals including Consumers and Carers plus organisations in order to ensure that people receive the most appropriate service.

Our partners include:

  • Australian Redcross Carer Respite
  • Breakaway Aboriginal Corporation
  • Bunbury Mental Health Services (WACHS)
  • Carers WA
  • City of Bunbury
  • Community Home Care
  • Department of Communities – Disabilities
  • Department of Communities – Housing
  • Drug and Alcohol Service (St John of God)
  • Foodbank
  • Headspace (Bunbury)
  • Helping Minds
  • Katanning Health Services
  • Marr Mooditj
  • Mental Health Commission
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of WA
  • Richmond Wellbeing
  • Silver Chain
  • South West Community Care


Volunteers are welcome to assist with our services e.g. within the Recovery team, Carers program, administration and transportation. Volunteers bring their own life experiences and learn new skills within a supportive environment, which includes the ability to attend training.


The organisation employs people from various backgrounds including those with a lived experience of mental illness. Vacancies are advertised widely including on this website. Relevant experience and qualifications are sort including Psychology, Nursing, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Counselling, Community Services and Business. Employees are sort with a high level of interpersonal skills and have a passion for working in mental health.


Students are encouraged to seek placement in the organisation so that can experience and be prepared to be work ready, to find employment in Community Mental Health services. Students are accepted from Certificate IV vocational education to Post Graduate tertiary level.