About Us

Pathways SouthWest is an independent community based mental health service located in the south west of Western Australia. We provide support, education and advocacy to people with lived or living experience of mental health issues, their families and carers in our region

We support our local communities to embrace the concept of mental health wellbeing via community consultation, education and advocacy

Pathways SouthWest will demonstrate cultural safety, financial responsibility and good governance in all its operations

Pathways SouthWest operates a service delivery system that complies with and is accredited with the requirements of the National Standards for Mental Health Services 

Who we are


Providing access to responsive, holistic services for consumers, carers, families and the community to reduce the impact of mental illness.


Let mental health be seen … as any door is the right door for access and client-centred care.


Hope: Belief in the potential of individuals affected by mental illness to live life to the full
Courage: Ensuring mental health be seen
Respect: Acknowledging other opinions as having value
Humility: Willing to appreciate others
Responsibility: Everyone is responsible to commit to action towards our Purpose

Support us 

We encourage and welcome volunteers and students (via placements) to work beside our employees in support of our consumers and carers.
We also encourage donations, from individuals and organisations alike, to assist us in providing the best possible service to our consumers and carers.


Help our organisation by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for the lives of our consumers and those with a lived experience of mental health. To donate now click here.


There’s potential in your 10¢ containers. By saving them from landfill and returning them through Containers for Change, every day Western Australians are not only helping the environment — but they are also creating fundraising opportunities for Pathways SouthWest. Not bad for an empty 10¢ drink container! When you process your cans through Containers for Change give them our number C11450147