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Family Connections

12 week program for Carers of persons experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or other complex mental illness displaying difficult behavioural or emotional regulation issues.
*Education* Skills* Resources* Support*

Program Framework
Family Connections is an evidence-based course.
The format of the sessions allows group participants to obtain the latest information about the disorder, acquire and practice skills, and enjoy an open and supportive forum for discussion.
The program combines the real-life experiences and needs of families of persons with BPD with the expertise of more than two decades of professional work with families.
Group leaders are family members and/or clinicians who have extensive personal experience in this area.
Course Content
* Education on BPD
* Research on BPD
* Skills training based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) in a supportive group environment
* Application and practice of skills
* Development of a support network
Topics addressed
* Education and Research on BPD
* Family Perspectives and Experiences
* Relationship Mindfulness Skills
* Family Environment Skills
* Effective Communication Skills

Program Delivery – contact Jenny Dean

Collie – commencing Thursday 21 Sept 2017

Busselton – commencing Friday 22 Sept 2017