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Statutory Review of the Mental Health Act (2014)


The Mental Health Act (2014) (the Act) provides for the treatment, care, support and protection of people who have a mental illness; the protection of the rights of people who have a mental illness; and the recognition of the role of families and carers in providing the best possible care and support to people who have a mental illness, in the least restrictive environment.

The Statutory Review of the Mental Health Act (the Review)

The Mental Health Commission is reviewing the Act and want to hear from people who;

  • Have received treatment under the Act;

  • Have supported someone who received treatment under the Act;

  • Work in the mental health sector, including as an advocate or volunteer;

  • Have feedback about the operation and effectiveness of the Act.

The objectives of the Review are to:

  • identify elements of the Act that work well;
  • opportunities where the Act could be improved; and
  • make recommendations to the Minister and Parliament.

The review is the opportunity to have your say and help improve the Act for the Western Australian community.

Feedback is welcome on the Act as a whole, individual parts of the Act, and on issues that have arisen over the past five years.

The results of the review will inform the development of a report and recommendations that will be tabled in Parliament.

Discussion Paper

A discussion paper has been prepared as a tool to assist you in providing feedback; Statutory Review of the Mental Health Act (2014) Discussion Paper.

How to make a submission

Online survey

Short version (summary version)

Longer version (full discussion paper version)

Your submission


Mental Health Act Statutory Review, Mental Health Commission

GPO Box X2299

Perth Business Centre WA 6847


Call 6553 0561 at any time and leave a voice message of up to 5 minutes (this will be transcribed)

In person

Take part in a face to face session facilitated in the community by individuals, groups and organisations. More information on these sessions will be available soon.

Submissions close 4pm Monday 31 January 2022