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WA Recovery College Term 1 Cours

Throughout the world, recovery colleges are transforming lives by providing an educational, socially based pathway for people who want to learn more about wellbeing.

WARCA brings this innovative approach in mental health recovery to meet the needs of metropolitan and rural, regional and remote communities of Western Australia.

The College provides ways to reclaim lives that may have been impacted by mental health challenges and/or alcohol and other drugs.

Our courses range from ‘The Power of Music’ to ‘Motivation and Self-Compassion’. WARCA educators are relatable and authentically passionate about what they do, with all course teaching centred around life experience. These are voices not usually heard in learning institutions. Combining the expertise of lived and professional experience, our educators always talk with students and never at them. We strongly believe that knowledge can, and should, come from everyone.

Our courses are all free of charge, open to everyone, and held in metropolitan and regional Western Australia. We welcome each individual’s valuable perspective, and provide the opportunity to join a community of people with shared values. As a student or educator, from wherever you’ve been to wherever you’re going – let’s journey together.