We are a registered, Housing Authority provider – we maintain a number of properties dedicated to those experiencing mental illness. As a landlord, we focus on reducing many of the tensions created by difficulties in finding accommodation and maintaining properties in good order.

As this program is specialised, prospective tenants must fulfill certain criteria (e.g. have a persistent and ongoing mental illness, be referred to our services, etc.).

Our housing program is intended to maintain tenancies long term. As waiting times can be considerable, we recommend that you contact other Community Housing providers to ensure that you are on multiple waiting lists.

Some Community Housing providers operate a Joint Wait List with the Housing Authority. Where so, it is recommended that, if eligible, you register with the Housing Authority and tick the Joint Wait List box.

The following organisations may be able to assist you in your search for housing/accommodation:

Access Housing

Accordwest WA

Alliance Housing WA

Foundation Housing

Department of Communities – Housing (formerly  Housing Authority WA or Dept of Housing WA)

Affordable Housing WA

Richmond Wellbeing (Supported Accommodation formerly  Richmond Fellowship WA)