Our Identity

Our Constitution, Charter and Strategic Plan

As an incorporated association, we have a constitution that provides the baseline for the rights & responsibilities of all persons associated with Pathways SouthWest.

Pathways SouthWest Constitution approved 2017

Our Charter is based on 4 key pillars of Hope, Awareness, Recovery and Personalised…

Our Charter

Pathways SouthWest strategic direction has been reviewed by our stakeholders, Board of Management and staff and gives Pathways SouthWest its focus on the years 2021-2026.

Pathways SouthWest Strategic Direction 2021-2026 

The strategic direction is supported by three underpinning  philosophies;

  • Ensure that people with a lived or living experience of mental health issues can live their best life by increasing their mental health literacy
  • Ensure people who care and support someone with a lived or living experience of mental health issue have the knowledge and support required to care for their loved ones and themselves.
  • Ensure Pathways SouthWest continues to be a well-respected source of mental health and wellbeing information, advocacy and positive change in our community.